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Avantiplus Mt Maunganui Bike Time Trial series

Location: Maketu

Date: November 8, 2017 at 6:00pm to: Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 7:45pm



After a great season of Time-trials last year we will be holding another 4 races this 2017-18 season.


Welcome to the Avanti Plus Mount Maunganui Time Trial Series


There are 4 time trials taking place over the Tri Club summer series and we are excited to be bringing something new to the season!


Race 1     Nov 8th 2017

Race 2     Dec 6th 2017

Race 3     Feb 7th 2018

Race 4     Mar 7th 2018


Club Members - Free

Non-Members - $5


As you all know riding your bike as fast as you can is a big part of triathlon so why not run a series of events where you have the chance to time yourself over the same distance four times in the season and see your improvement. The idea of our time trials is not to compete with each other (although I am sure some of you will!) it's more about measuring your own progress. 


What is a TT:

A TT is when you ride a set distance (16km/10mile for our series) by yourself (no drafting) with each rider being set off 30 seconds apart. Some riders will catch the rider in front and pass, others may not.

Riders time are taken at the end and an overall winner worked out based on who completed the course in the fastest time.

TT's are not just for the speed demons on flash TT bikes - everyone can enjoy TT's, and we encourage you all to get involved!


The Course:

We are running our TT's out near Maketu, on a similar course to where the TGA Cycling Club run their weekly Thursday night rides.


The course will start on Kaituna Road, just past the one lane bridge on the left hand bend. Riders ride along Kaituna Road, turn left on to Te Tumu Road, left on to Kelly Road, left on to Maketu Road, left on to Kaituna Road and ride past the start line to finish at the end of Kaituna Road. This is to make the distance of just shy 16km/10mile.

It is important for riders to know the course. Each corner will be maked with a bright sign however if you are head down bum up you may miss the sign!



Parking will be on the grass along Pah Road, which is a quiet no exit road. You could also choose to park at the end of Bell Road, and then ride down the bike path to Pah Road. This second option will save driving time for those who may be tight on time. It also extends the ride time a bit. (see attached photos for maps)


The Process:

Everyone will need to register on arrival at the TT. Registration will be located in the small car park on the corner of Pah Road and Kaituna Road. Please make sure you arrive to register by 6pm. (see photos for map of registration spot).

We are aiming to seed the TT to have the slower riders start first and the faster riders start last, to aim to have people finishing off around the same time. If you are a slower rider please get to the front of the registration line, if you’re faster hold off for a higher number.

At registration each rider will be given a number to pin on the LOWER BACK of their jersey (race belts can be worn and usually put the number in just the right place to be seen by the timekeeper. We will also have spare safety pins).

Riders will then need to roll down Kaituna Road to the start line once they have registered. (approx 5km - the perfect warm up!)

The first person will start the TT at 6.31pm - with each rider then being set off in 30 second intervals.

It is imperative that riders set of in number order (01 – 60). If riders change orders the entire timing process will be in jeopardy of being incorrect!

The finish line is located back near the corner of Kaituna & Pah Roads, where the cars will be parked, or close to the bike path for those who parked at bell road.



To assist us in seeding you when you arrive to register please note the following:

  • Low numbers = average speed under 27km p/h
  • Mid-range numbers = average speed between 27-35km p/h
  • High numbers = average speed over 35km p/h



As always participants' safety is of utmost importance. It is imperative that all attendees listen carefully to the instructions given by the team running the TT at all times. Please note the course is on OPEN ROADS where cars can drive up to 100km per hour. Maketu Road is a busy main road and there is a sort section of the course along Maketu Road. There will be a point person on the cnr of Kelly & Maketu Roads to warn riders of the busy road ahead - please note we will not be stopping traffic - riders must obey all road rules.

When rolling to the start line and lining up to start please be extremely aware of other road users and ensure to stay off the road when waiting.


A detailed race briefing can be found here.


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