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Club Champs 2017/18 Season


The aim of the club champs is to identify and then recognise (with lovely trophies and adoring applause at the annual awards dinner) the best athletes in each age-group. To do this, we track your results across a range of events during the summer and then use a complicated spreadsheet to work out who in each age-group is consistently the best performer.

The races

In selecting the races the committee tries to provide a balance between short course and long course races so that specialists at a particular distance are not disadvantaged.  The committee also tries to ensure that most major races in the wider Bay of Plenty area are covered.

Click here for age group races

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The ranking system

While there are 12 races for the youth and 15 races for the adults that are part of the series it is only your best four results that will count towards the club champs.  Therefore if you race six times but had a shocker at Surfbreaker due to all that Christmas eating and drinking, then you will be able to discard your Surfbreaker result and one other weaker finish (and don’t worry if your maths isn’t flash as our spreadsheet will do this for you).

Up-to-date rankings will be published periodically on the events > club champs/awards section of the website.

The maths

The scoring system ranks each athlete by comparing their finishing time with that of the first club member of their sex across the finishing line.  The closer they are to the first club member’s time the more points they will get, up to a maximum of 100.  The calculation is:

Time of first club member of your sex  x  100  =  Your points

                        Your finishing time

We might need a practical example here to make sure anyone who wants to understand this can actually do so.  Let’s say Fred is the first male club member across the line at Tinman, finishing in two hours (or 120 minutes).  Fred wins himself the maximum 100 points.  George tumbles in twenty minutes later (140 minutes) and therefore picks up:
  120  x  100  =  85.7 points

Bert follows another hour later (total race time of 200 minutes) and therefore earns himself:
  120  x   100  = 60 points

The female scoring system is exactly the same but is obviously based on the first female club member across the line.

The other rules
• Only individual race results count.
• You must finish the race to be able to collect any points.
• You must finish a minimum of three races to be able to win the coveted age-group trophy.  Therefore if, in the Female 80-89 age-group, great aunt Matilda leads the championships having taken four hours to complete Surfbreaker and two and a half days to do the Half, she still won’t win the trophy as she didn’t do three races (but if she puts in a late entry for the Bendon and finishes it, she gets the trophy).
• The age-groups used for the club champs are 0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70-79.  If we find an octogenarian (great aunt Matilda?) then we will set up another age-group and find another trophy.
• The age-group you will be ranked in is the age at which you race in most often.  Therefore if, part way through the season you move from being a 30-39 athlete to being a 40-49 athlete then we will look at which age-group you raced most often in and include you there for club champs purposes.  (Note that we deal in “real” ages not the inflated-by-12-months TriNZ ages.)
• Anything wildly out of the ordinary will be dealt with by the Committee on a case by case basis (like 2004’s Tinman that wasn’t for instance).

Further information
If you want to know anything else about how this all works please feel free to e-mail and we’ll try to help.

If your name is missing from any event please can you email   so we don’t miss anyone.

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