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What’s been happening with Hayden Wilde

Adelaide Oceania Champs was my first race of the season, & for me it was to see where I was and how the body will respond to the speed of the race. Overall happy with the outcome. Had a  really strong swim and ride witch I was really happy with but unfortunately my strong leg, the run didn’t go to plan with a stitch and a sore stomach.
Day two was the mix relay which I was very exited for but again I was feeling sick with a stomach bug (potentially bad food), made me spew all morning but I still raced and also being the last to go in our team gave me a little more recovery time. I’m happy that I got our team into 3rd place.

Overall super happy with my first races and looking forward to the 2018 season. The racing I do couldn’t be possible with out the support of my sponsors but for this race a massive thank you to the Tauranga Triathlon club for some help with the cost of the trip, very humbled to have been given financial help as we all know it gets very expensive.

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