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Volunteers for the upcoming 2017-18 season

Now I know the Triathlon season hasn't quite kicked off here in NZ ( I hear the collective sigh of relief ) but I would like you all to please mark some VERY IMPORTANT dates in the Calendar.
These are all events where the Club will need a strong Volunteer presence to assist with the race requirements.

Remember it doesn't always have to be the Club member that helps on the day. Maybe a Partner, Family, Friend or Neighbour we need you all.
So can we please mark these dates in the Dairy, Phone or Wall-planner now so you can assist the Club.

Tinman Triathlon, Pilot Bay, Nov 18th-19th 2017
Surfbreaker Triathlon, Main Beach, Dec 27th 2017
POT Half, Pilot Bay, Jan 20th 2018
Generation Womens Tri, Pilot Bay Feb 24-25th 2018
Marra Sprint Triathlon, Pilot Bay Mar 10-11 2018

One other event on the Calendar that we may assist @ is the Kinloch Sprint Triathlon which is being hosted by Tri-Sport Taupo. We are going to be looking at a reciprocal arrangement with this race as they are going to try to supply Volunteers for the Tinman race. Clubs have to work together to keep these costs down & we'd really like to try & play our part, so keep that in mind please if traveling to Kinloch for the National Sprint Distance champs on Feb 11th.

Remember Volunteers are a HUGE part of all sport & we appreciate all they do for our Club.  If you are wanting to volunteer please email

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